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Campbell Banks wanted to do more than build beautiful homes. Even though his customers paid top dollar for his Chicago-area homes, they weren't immune to all the challenges of the modern world. 


They faced crime, broken families, and children who bowed to the negative pressures of today's America. His customers often complained that they either had to barricade themselves inside their luxury homes, or lose their families and dreams to the world around them.



Determined to give his customers not just a home, but a lifestyle, Campbell turned to the ranch land of Central Florida. He acquired thousands of acres of land and broke ground. Soon the scrub and swamp gave way to front porches, nature trails, and a charming downtown with plenty of safe places for neighbors to meet. Less than ten years after Campbell built the first house, Candor boasts several thousand full-time residents and a booming business district.

Candor is built the way all of America used to be. Residents live within easy walking distance of the offices, stores and restaurants that ring Candor's downtown lake, with a world-class hospital just a three-minute drive away. The town is honeycombed with parks and playgrounds, as well as swimming pools and outstanding fitness facilities.



It's impossible to go anywhere in Candor without being soothed and entertained by the beautiful music that has been hand-selected by Campbell Banks himself. We ensure that our residents are surrounded by calming music, with speaker systems installed in every Candor home and yard.


Is your family struggling to stay intact? Have your children lost their way? Families who move to Candor find that all their troubles seem to melt away, leaving only happiness and fulfillment behind.


Referrals from counselors, rehabilitation facilities and other transformation professionals are welcomed.

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