Welcome to a traditional neighborhood that features everything you and your family needs, yet remains convenient to the city’s largest employers, cultural entertainment, and sporting and entertainment venues.


From the Town Founder

Candor was built upon the rich traditions of small-town life, when times were simpler and when family was the foundation of the home. Our town is based on those same principles applied to today’s modern society. Beyond the tree-lined streets, schools, our beautifully-landscaped town center, and lush town lake area, it’s the people of Candor that truly evoke the ideal small-town America ... and a place our combined soul has finally found.


When my own family and I settled here years ago we were looking to escape the confusion and discontent that city life up north offered. We founded Candor, Florida rooted in the simplicity of a bygone time. And today, my family and I are blessed by the thousands of others who now call Candor home too.


As you acquaint yourself with all that our town can offer, know that should you too determine that life in Candor can benefit your family, my team and I are always standing by listening to the needs of our residents. Where We’re Always Listening is much more than our slogan -- it’s truly a way of life. I make it my business to ensure our community grows and prospers, and is always standing by to support the diverse needs of our residents.


With best wishes,

Campbell Banks