Stories from Candor

Don't take our word for it: listen to our residents and friends tell you how Candor, Florida will change your family for the better.

Jean Ford:

English teacher Jean raves about the schools in Candor... and their outstanding students.

Kayla Perkins:

 Happy resident Kayla shares how her big sister Chloe was transformed by their family's move to Candor. Watch Chloe's video below. 

Anna Windell:

Bootcamp washout Anna Windell reveals how moving to Candor changed her from troubled teen to outstanding citizen.

The Brannigan family:

Having a surgeon and an attorney for parents didn't bring preschooler Bella the kind of success her parents wanted for her--moving to Candor did.

Linda Slone:

Retiree Linda Slone doesn't regret giving her life savings to her family so they could move to Candor. Hear how her children and grandchildren were transformed by our town.

Chloe Perkins:

Teenager Chloe Perkins shares how she turned her underachieving life around when her family moved to Candor.

The Montclair family:

Young couple Scott and Sabrina Montclair reveal how Candor transformed their lives for the better--and share their hopes and dreams for their baby daughter Stacey.

Byron "The Sarge" Watkins

Retired Army SargentByron Watkins founded Camp Three Pines to help troubled teens. But sometimes those teens belong in Candor, Florida.